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Why choose full body workout?

Full body workout - what does it mean?

It means you are exercising your whole body, with all muscle groups being used and stimulated in one workout.

For example, you combine exercises that use the upper body and lower body, plus the core in one training session.

First, it’s a great way to ensure you are training all muscles group — one workout, no muscles left behind.

Second, full body workouts tend to incorporate compound strength exercises, which are a super efficient way of training for functional strength as well as cardiovascular health.

Usually, compound exercises increase the heart rate more than isolated exercises because the body needs to oxygenate more muscles at one time, meaning the heart has to pump more blood around the body. To do that, the heart rate has to rise.

Who could train this way? Anyone.

Why choose full body workout?

💪if you’re busy you get to tick off all muscle groups in one workout

💪if you’re looking for weight loss, full body workouts will maximize calorie burn

💪if you’re looking for muscle tone and definition, full body strength workouts will help you create lean muscle mass

💪if you’re looking for a balanced body, full body workouts don’t focus on just one area, so all muscle groups will benefit

💪if you love a cardio blast as well as strength training, full body workouts can tick both boxes.

So let's not wait and get started now!

Stay Active Eat Well❣️

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