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Turkey soup made from scratch. Simple and easy.

Do you want something light and flavorful for the hot weather?

After roasting a turkey I made very rich stock.

A good technique for it is to start with the bones in very cold ice water. This way the maximum flavor will be extracted.

Keep it overnight on the stove just below simmering.

Take the bones out and add some of the turkey meat, cut in half an inch cubes back to the liquid.

Put a pan with a table spoons of olive oil over medium heat and sautee carrots, onions and celery cut in small cubes until tender ( 7-10 minutes).

Add the mixture to the soup and bring it to a boil.

Start adding all the vegetables you like cut the same size like the carrots and the onions. I used greeen and red peppers, green peas, corn and broccoli.

Keep it boiling for 5 more minutes and it's ready.


Stay active, eat well!

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