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Turkey breast stuffed with rice wrapped in bacon.

Turkey breast with rice wrapped in bacon

There is nothing more boring than turkey breast leftovers. And there is nothing better than bacon to make the things right 😉

Layers of rice pilaf with mint, followed by Provolone cheese, chopped turkey breast and finished by sautéed onions. All this wrapped in bacon and air fried. Side is sautéed zucchini with wine and parsley. And of course roasted garlic!

Let me try to describe how it tastes. The texture is the combination of crispy bacon and the soft rice and onions. The fat of the bacon has soaked in the rice and the flavor of the onions mixed with the turkey. All this separated by the smooth texture and mild smoky flavor of the Provolone cheese.

Turkey breast with rice wrapped in bacon

The zucchini are juicy, cooked slightly so feel fresh, but not raw. Finished by a splash of white wine and freshly chopped parsley.

The garlic, which melts like butter in the mouth, and onions bring some sweetness, which is balanced with the slight sour taste of the wine.

I hope you enjoyed this ode to my meal 😁

Stay active, eat well!

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