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Hip Flexor Stretches to Counteract All That Sitting

Got back pain? Tight hip flexors could be to blame. Open them up with the stretches i demonstrate that counterbalance the prolonged hip flexion of sitting for hours.

We’ve got bad news for the desk-sitters out there: All that sedentary time staring at a screen is doing a number on your health. Not only has too much sitting been linked to serious health problems, like obesity and osteoporosis, among others, but it also is a significant contributor to that nagging lower back ache that you’ve been complaining about. But it’s not actually your back that’s the issue: It’s your hip flexors.

While sitting, your hip flexors constantly remain in a flexed position. Over time, sitting too much will cause these muscles to shorten and shrink, limiting your ability to fully straighten the hip when you’re finally upright again. When your hip flexors are too tight, they pull down and forward on the pelvis, which tilts it forward and compresses the lower back. Congratulations, now you have back pain!

So what’s you can do? Stretching, of course. You can use your cooldown to offset the effects of all that sitting, stretch the hip flexors, relieve associated back pain, and set the stage for a safe practice of intermediate poses like backbends.

Find the options that work best for you and add them to your stretching routine.

Stay active, eat well!

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