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Apples and Puff Pastry Roses with Amaretto Dry Fruits and Apricot Ice Cream

Happy mother's day ladies! Today I did treat requested by my wife. Apples and puff pastry roses with Amaretto dry fruits and apricot ice cream. I soaked overnight dried apricots, figs, prunes and raisins in Amaretto liquor and a little bit of sugar. Then added cloves and allspice and simmered it until the syrup became sticky ( it's on the ice cream).

Also spread it on the puff pastry while I was rolling it with the apples. The result was awesome, not excessively sweet and flavorful treat!

While I was assembling all of this a thought run in my head. In the morning I am deadlifting hundreds of pounds, listening to death metal until my eyes pop out of my head, and in the afternoon I am making flowers from apples. Is it a sign of good Ying and Yang ballance, or I need to seek professional help?😂 What do you think?

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