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Get to know us and learn about our approach to health and wellness


In 2010 we moved from our home in Bulgaria to the US. We arrived with nothing but 2 suitcases and $5000. It was scary time, but exciting. Our heads were full of dreams, and our hearts were eager to see them through. The United States was where we knew we could make them happen and give our son the life we wanted him to have


As we began our respective careers in fitness and health care, we both noticed that almost all of our clients approached health and wellness with “baggage”. Our clients came to us either feeling guilty for not having done enough to keep themselves healthy or feeling burnt-out from having done too much. This was a surprise to us, because back in Bulgaria, people considered exercising and eating well a natural part of an enjoyable life, not a chore, and they were happier for it. Our “outside” perspective gave us a clear view into a major gap in the fitness industry here: balance. 


We started Stay Active, Eat Well to fill that gap and teach people how to make long-lasting, sustainable changes in their lives. We take a unique approach to wellness, that sets us apart from the laser-focused, goal-getters of the world. And, even though it’s different,  we know our approach works - testimonials.  We believe in finding fulfillment in fitness, and balance in being healthy. It’s a simple as our business’ name implies. We love what we do, and we’re excited to share it with you.


Got questions? Need some help? Just want to say “hi”? Reach out to us anytime at contact@stayactiveeatwell or on our social media accounts. We can’t wait to meet you.


Be well,


Kate and Ivan 






“Treat strength like a retirement fund. Do you look every day to see if you are rich? No! But if you keep doing what you’re supposed to overtime you will be.”


From singlets to chef coats, Ivan’s unique experiences in both the fitness industry and culinary world makes him a coach unlike any other. 


Ivan earned his personal training certification from the American Council on Exercise as well as a nutrition certification through C.O.R.F.I.T at the Bulgarian Sport Academy. As a record-holding power lifter, he leads by example but his 20+ years of experience in the wellness industry allows him to help people of all ages and physical abilities feel their best. 


In addition to the fitness industry, Ivan made his mark on the culinary world as culinary specialist at the Professional School of Tourism in Sofia, Bulgaria and later became a TV chef on “Na Kafe”, a popular Bulgarian morning talk show. He loves teaching as much as he loves cooking and enjoys teaching culinary classes at Sur La Table.





“Everyone comes with a different set of challenges and restrictions. It is so rewarding to discover the unique approach that will help each person overcome their obstacles and reach their goals. Creating a true connection is the key to that success.”


Despite holding two degrees, Kate has always made it a point to never stop learning. She earned her bachelor’s degree from the National Sports Academy in Bulgaria. After coming to the US, she was awarded a scholarship for Outstanding Physical Therapy and was able to pursue an associate degree in applied sciences. 


As a licensed physical therapy assistant and certified Pilates Reformer instructor, she puts her 20+ years of experience into making movement possible for a wide variety of people. Kate believes that aging shouldn’t come with aches and pains. Kate believes that movements like physical therapy and Pilates can help people rid themselves of chronic pain while improving their flexibility. The best part is that the "side effect" is looking and feeling good.



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